Black Mouth Cur Dog Breed Information: Profile, History, Care & Review

A well-built dog of medium stature with drop-down ears and sometimes (but not always) a black mask on their face, the Black Mouth Cur is an adaptable and athletic breed that likes to work hard. Developed within the united states, there are a variety of various ‘lines’ of Black Mouth Cur dogs, who each display certain unique physical attributes and personality traits.

Traditionally used as an all-round farm worker, the Black Mouth Cur can perform a multitude of tasks, including rounding up cattle, guarding property and hunting small game like squirrels. This high energy breed is often a couple and that they require a large amount of exercise, also as an experienced trainer, if they’re to reach their full potential.

Black Mouth Cur Dog Information:

Breed Name Black Mouth Cur
Other Names Southern Cur, Yellow Black Mouth,
East Texas Cur, American Black Mouth Cur
Breed Group Scenthound (UKC)
Type Hound (Purebred)
Size Medium to Large
Weight 45-95 pounds (20-43 kg)
Height 16-25 inches (40-64 cm)
Area of Origin United States
Life Range 12-18 years
Colors Black, Brindle, Brown, Fawn, Red, Yellow
Level of Energy Very energetic
Bark Tendency  Occasional
Exercise Daily
Overall Grooming Low Maintenance

Black Mouth Cur Dog History:

While the term ‘cur’ is often used today to explain any mixed breed or ‘mongrel’ dog, the Black Mouth Cur is most certainly a pedigree or purebred dog. Cur dogs generally are known to be good working dogs of medium build who have muscular bodies and both hunting and herding instincts. There are a variety of distinct types of the breed that are differentiated by physical appearance and location of origin. Most of the Black Mouth Cur lines are named after the kennels where they were developed. Possibly the most recognized lines of the breed are the Mississippi Ladner Yellow Black Mouth Cur and also the cattle-herding Florida Black Mouth Cur.

Farm dogs have always been in high demand within the southern united statesand also the Black Mouth Cur has been prized for several years for its versatility and the strong work ethic it displays. Which state the Black Mouth Cur hails from is open to debate, but most bets are on either Mississippi or Tennessee. 

Black Mouth Cur Dog Photos:

About Black Mouth Cur Dog Health:

The Black Mouth Cur is considered to be a generally healthy breed with fewer of the genetic problems that tend to affect other breeds and a lifespan that sometimes goes well into their teens. Still, there are a few conditions that they’re predisposed to. Owners should be careful about these conditions throughout their dogs’ lives.

Some of the conditions which may affect Black Mouth Curs include:

Ear infections
Hip dysplasia

Nutrition For Black Mouth Cur Dog:

A healthy diet for a Black Mouth Cur can vary depending on the dog’s size and also the activities they participate in throughout the day.

Working dogs who hunt or round up livestock, for example, need food which will provide them with adequate energy while they’re performing their daily tasks. Dogs who occupy the home and get moderate exercise have different needs. Typically, Black Mouth Curs need two quality meals per day.

How to Take Care of Black Mouth Cur Dog:

It’s important to care for a Black Mouth Cur’s ears, as they will trap dirt, water, and debris, leading to ear infections and other complications. this is often very true of dogs who wish to play outdoors in water or in humid areas. Frequent, thorough ear cleanings are a requirement to stop the infection.

They should also regularly have their eyes and bone health checked during routine vet visits to identify signs of cataracts, hip dysplasia, or other eye and skeletal conditions. Their teeth should be brushed regularly and professionally cleaned as required.

Your veterinarian can advise you further on what kind of care you ought to provide for your Black Mouth Cur.

Black Mouth Cur Grooming, Bathing & Coat:

Most breed members experience two shedding seasons a year, during which they’re going to require more frequent brushing. In between these sheds, Black Mouth Curs need minimal grooming. Owners should specialize in their ears, which may be susceptible to clogging up with wax and becoming infected. From puppyhood, an ear cleaning routine should be put in place, and continued for the lifetime of the dog.

Black Mouth Cur Dog Exercise:

Predictably, the Black Mouth Cur may be a dog that needs a considerable amount of exercise to keep it happy. An hour-long brisk run is that the bare minimum that this dog requires on a day today. They thrive in rural settings where they need the liberty to roam to their heart’s content and exhibit their natural behaviors, like tracking and hunting. Attempting to confine this breed during a small home without providing it with a considerable amount of exercise will only end in heartbreak.

Before acquiring a Black Mouth Cur, owners should ensure their property is about up for one. Their yard must be incredibly secure as this breed is notorious for locating any weakness during a fence so as to escapethey’re also extensive diggers and chewers, so are possibly not best suited to families with prize flowerbeds or vegetable patches!

Black Mouth Cur Dog Personality:

The history of the Black Mouth Cur has had an important influence on which traits are kept within the breed. Settlers needed a dog who could suit all of their needs, instead of that specialize in a specific task.

Black Mouth Curs are known to be courageous and never back down from a fight, which was useful in warding off predators of the American south, including wildcats, bears, and other animals. they need to retain this fearlessness to times.

Black Mouth Cur Dog Training:

Once bonded with their owner, they’re going to usually work well alongside them and perform the tasks they need to be been bred to do to a high standard, including herding, hunting, and guarding. However, when it involves other forms of training, like obedience and recall, the Black Mouth Cur presents a challenge as they need a reputation for being stubborn and independent.

It is essential that trainers maintain their dominance in the least times as the Black Mouth Cur is especially sensitive to the ‘pack hierarchy’. the utilization of negative reinforcement or punishment training should be avoided because the sensitive Black Mouth Cur responds much better to reward-based training.

Pros of Black Mouth Cur Dogs:

Trainability: Black Mouth Curs are easy to coach.
Grooming: Easy to groom: The Black Mouth Cur doesn’t require tons of grooming.
Shedding Level: Black Mouth Curs are low shedders.
Drooling tendency: The Black Mouth Cur may be a perfect example of a low drooling tendency.
Weight Gain Potential: Low to Average.

Cons of Black Mouth Cur Dogs:

Health Issues: Black Mouth Curs tend to possess more and frequent health issues than other breeds.
Hypoallergenic: Black Mouth Curs don’t have the best with allergy sufferers by causing the allergy .
Apartment Friendly: Black Mouth Curs aren’t apartment-friendly dogs.
Impulse to Wander or Roam: Wanderlust’s potential of the Black Mouth Cur is robust enough to escape from home.
Tolerates Being Left Alone: Black Mouth Curs do best when a loved one is at home during the day or if their workplace is dog-friendly in order that they can take the dog at work.
Cat Friendly: Black Mouth Curs aren’t the foremost cat-friendly dogs.
Office Friendly: Black Mouth Cur isn’t the simplest dog breed for the office environment.
Good For First Time Owners: Black Mouth Curs aren’t good for novice owners, because of their stubborn personality.

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