Field Spaniel Dog Breed Information: Profile, History, Care & Review

The Field Spaniel is happiest when it’s a job to do. Although independent, it’s devoted, sensitive, and willing to please. Always cheerful and affectionate, it’s an excellent family companion as long as it is given regular exercise. the field spaniel is particularly known for its tractable nature. it’s typical for a field spaniel to be somewhat reserved with strangers.

Somewhat longer than tall, solidly built with moderate bone, the field spaniel is a dog without exaggeration, a mixture of beauty and utility. Its stride is long and low, with head held proudly and alertly and also the tail wagging but not carried high. the field spaniel is made for both activity and stamina, enabling it to hunt in dense cover or water. it’s a single coat, which is flat or slightly wavy and moderately long, giving it protection from thorns and water. The expression is grave and delicate.

Field Spaniel Dog Information:

Breed Name Field Spaniel
Other Names Field
Breed Group Gun Dogs (UKC)
Type Sporting (Purebred)
Size Medium
Weight 35-50 pounds (16-22.5 kg)
Height 18 inches (46 cm)
Area of Origin United Kingdom
Life Range 11-15 years
Colors Black, Blue Roan, Golden Liver, Golden Liver, Roan, Liver, Liver Roan
Level of Energy Very energetic
Bark Tendency  Occasional
Exercise Daily
Overall Grooming Low Maintenance

Field Spaniel Dog History:

Originating in England within the 1800s, the field Spaniel wont to be considered the same breed as the English cocker spaniel. The dog was wont to flush and retrieve both fur and feather from land and water. within the 20th century, it had been decided that anything above 25 pounds would be considered a spaniel and anything below would be an English cocker spanieland also the two were officially separated into different breeds.

During the 1800s the field Spaniel was being bred with a greatly exaggerated length and weight. Almost 100 years later within the 1920s, the standard returned to a moderate length and weight. Although it’s a fine bird dog with a great, mild disposition, the breed remains rare to this day, most likely because of the extreme popularity of the cocker spanielthe field Spaniel was recognized by the AKC in 1894. some of the field Spaniel’s talents are tracking, hunting, retrieving, and watchdog.

Field Spaniel Dog Photos:

About Field Spaniel Dog Health:

A generally healthy breed, Field Spaniels have seen some issues that also affect other breeds. Responsible breeders screen for genetic disease and select for health-cleared stock. Breeders are urged to stick to recommended testing and consider orthopedics, thyroid, eyes, cardiac, and late-onset seizures when planning matings. Temperament, structure, and health are all vital in making up this breed that’s a “combination of beauty and utility” in an enthusiastic canine companion.

Nutrition For Field Spaniel Dog:

Field Spaniels adore their meals and treats. “Owners often joke that we’ve Food Spaniels,” says one breed devotee. Fields are often quite motivated in training by their drive for food. it’s generally agreed that the breed will thrive on a good-quality, balanced diet that’s nutritionally bioavailable. Give table scraps sparingly, if at all, especially avoiding cooked bones and foods with high-fat content. the study which human foods are safe for dogs, and which aren’t.

How to Take Care of Field Spaniel Dog:

Moderately active indoors, Field Spaniels aren’t recommended for apartment or condo living. they are doing best with an outsized yard to run in. With their strong hunting instincts, it is best that they need a securely fenced yard in order that they don’t wander off into trouble.

Locking this breed away during a kennel or chaining him within the yard with minimal human contact will make him neurotic. He does best when given a great deal of exercise with chances to run and explore. Just be aware that he has a tendency to follow his nose. He also will enjoy long walks on the leash.

Field Spaniel Grooming, Bathing & Coat:

The Field Spaniel features a dense, water-repellent single coat, meaning there is no undercoat. His hair is moderately long and may be flat or slightly wavy. The chest, underbody, backs of the legs, and buttocks are adorned with moderate feathering but not the masses of fur you would possibly see on a cocker spaniel.

The coat comes in the black, liver, golden liver, roan, or any of these colors with tan points. Some Field Spaniels have a little amount of white on the chest or throat.

The joy of joys, the Field Spaniel requires much less grooming than other spaniel breeds. The coat should be brushed regularly and bathed as required.

Brush your Field Spaniel’s teeth a minimum of two or 3 times every week to remove tartar buildup and also the bacteria that lurk inside it. Daily brushing is even better if you would like to prevent gum disease and bad breath.

Field Spaniel Dog Exercise:

An active sporting breed, the field possesses an energetic spirit that does best with regular exercise and mental stimulation. they’re suitable for several canine sports and activities and enjoy the brisk activity, also as downtime at home with their families. Fields are found during a wide variety of lifestyles, from city to country, but do best when given challenges for both the mind and body.

Field Spaniel Dog Personality:

Field Spaniels are mild-mannered, sensitive, and affectionate dogs. they have a tendency to be reserved or maybe timid with strangers, but they’re utterly dedicated to their human companions.

Even though the sector spaniel may exhibit some emotional reserve, the dog is not any Casper Milquetoast when given a job to do. These dogs like to retrieve and are fond of water. Their hunting instincts may cause them to roam. They enjoy being active and wish both regular exercise and time with their owner if they’re to thrive.

Today’s field spaniel has the potential to be a competent hunter, retriever, and tracker also as a loving family pet.

Field Spaniel Dog Training:

The Field Spaniel is an intelligent problem-solver who is trainable and may excel at any game when properly motivated. These “thinking dogs” thrive best on clear communication and reward, with minimal correction. They require early socialization and a family sensitive to their needs. Fields love their people and range from serious to clownish in attitude. Once they understand expectations, they’re solid in training, and also the breed excels in multiple canine sports and activities. Fields are a tremendous, soft breed that isn’t for everybody, but owners feel their sometimes-oafish habits like snoring, sloppy drinking, and perpetually shedding coats are well worth their companionship.

Pros of Field Spaniel Dogs:

Intelligent Rank: Smart: Field Spaniel’s has great intelligence.
Trainability: Field Spaniels are easy to coach.
Apartment Friendly: Field Spaniels are very apartment-friendly dogs.
Grooming: Easy to groom: the field Spaniel doesn’t require a lot of grooming.
Drooling tendency: the sector Spaniel may be a perfect example of a very low drooling tendency.
Adaptability: Field Spaniels adapt alright to lifestyle changes and basically all living environments.
Child Friendly: Field Spaniels are very kid-friendly dogs.
Dog Friendly: Field Spaniels are very dog-friendly dogs.
Senior Citizens Friendly: Field Spaniels are one among the simplest breeds for elderly people.

Cons of Field Spaniel Dogs:

Hypoallergenic: Field Spaniels don’t have the best with allergy sufferers by causing the allergy.
Weight Gain Potential: Average to High.
The impulse to Wander or Roam: Field Spaniels have high wanderlust potential, which suggests that this breed has a strong desire for exploring the planet.
Tolerates Being Left Alone: Field Spaniels do best when a family member is at home during the day or if their workplace is dog-friendly in order that they can take the dog at work.
Office Friendlyfield spaniel isn’t the best dog breed for the office environment.
Good For First Time Owners: Field Spaniels aren’t good for novice owners, because of their stubborn personality.

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More About Field Spaniel Dog:

If you and your active family are looking for a medium-sized dog with energy to spare, consider the field Spaniel. he’s larger than English cocker spaniel and smaller than English springer spaniel.

He’s a wonderful companion for the family which will meet his needs for exercise, training, and companionship, and he will offer you years of competition in such dog sports like obedience, agility, rally, tracking, hunt tests, and conformation. Hunters will appreciate their ability to quarter in dense cover — which means he hunts by running a zigzag pattern through the heavy brush — and flush birds like pheasants, quail, and chukars.

Field Spaniels love people, and that they are desirous to please, loyal, and loving. At playtime, their water-loving nature comes out. they’re going to sometimes use their water dish as the local swimming hole, making quite a mess around the house.

While they will sometimes be reserved with strangers, they ought to never be fearful, shy, or aggressive. Some Field Spaniels bond with only one family member, but most accept everyone within the family as their best friends. they’re excellent with children but aren’t fond of rough, loud play, preferring to walk away and find a quieter activity. Field Spaniels are alert and can bark a warning when visitors approach, but they do not guard dogs.

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